One + Four = Life

One+Four=Life: Rain, More Rain, Japan, #the100dayproject


1. Rain 


Rain Rain, how I love you. Apparently, South Australia is the driest state in the driest continent, and so by the end of summer we are all brown and dusty and crisp and dry, drier, driest! Just when the garden is about to give up it’s battle to flourish and the water bill is bursting it’s pipes, along sneaks in Autumn, with all her lovely coolness, colour and RAIN! Yay! We have been very spoiled with downpours here and the garden is breathing a sigh of relief and I am smiling big time. I even put the flannette sheets on today-luxury! This is what I was driving into on the way to buy olives on Friday.

2. More Rain


When I got there it was time to break open the umbrella and savour the sight.

3. Japan

thumb_IMG_5822_1024This time next week I will have one more sleep left until my sister and I go on our grand adventure to Japan. I am so excited, a bit nervous-mostly because my sense of direction is completely crap! I was the one as a kid who always got called over the loud speaker system when shopping with mum, as I had a tendency to wander off! I still can’t get my head around the fact that Australia’s whole population is the same as Tokyo’s. It will be a bit different from the last holiday I took which was camping at Innes National Park, with a drop toilet, very few neighbours and the only sounds to hear were the crashing waves and birdsong! Stay tuned!

4. #the100dayproject

thumb_IMG_0105_1024I have completed Day 20 of my #100daysofpostcards and have them all stuck on the wardrobe door in the study/craftroom. Experimenting and enjoying creating everyday has been wonderful during the school holidays. I have also been learning lots and am continually inspired by the 30 Days of Collage ecourse I am doing. Piles of papers, magazines, junk mail, glue and scissors, washi tape, paint-all good and very addictive!

It’s Day 21 today, so I’m off to create (she says without a backward glance at the still to be tackled school jobs piled up)! Back to school tomorrow-but only for a week:)


One + Four = Life: Collage, Walking, Botanical Gardens

April 121

I must admit, it is certainly a challenge to choose only four photos for this Sunday bloggy share. Good on you Pip, always keeping us on our toes!



IMG_0061 one:cutting, cutting collage prep

two: walking, walking on the beach

three:looking, looking at the green

four:sighing, sighing love this place

I have embraced school holidays with a vengeance and am loving the freedom to relax into a life that is not so regimented by sirens and timetables. How lovely it was to catch a train into town and wonder around the Botanical Gardens without 28 eight year olds in tow! I hadn’t caught the train by myself for ages and loved the experience. The recent extension of the track has made it an exciting adventure for one who drives everywhere that is more than 8 km away. I doodled a postcard whilst listening to an audio book on my public transport adventure and now I have a Metro Card! Yay for trains!

I’ve been snip snapping away at magazines for #the100dayproject where I am creating #100postcards. I am enjoying this project so much.

Like most cities, we have a lovely Botanical Gardens in little Old Adelaide and it is very grounding to walk around the different landscapes and tracks. I always gravitate to where the lotus plants are in abundance. Such amazing seed pods.

There is something magical about walking early when the world is just waking up. Bliss.

For me, school holidays are a time to recharge my batteries, get creative and slow down!  Yay for school holidays! Don’t you agree?




10 on 10 Photography Challenge


I’m joining this month’s Clever Cookie 10 on 10 Photography Circle for the first time. The idea is to take 10 photos that capture a snapshot of your day(s) and link up in a lovely sharing circle of photographic, bloggy goodness.

Over the Easter weekend I walked the same route over a period of two consecutive days. The weather was quite different each day  but still breathtaking-calm and serene one day and blustery and rugged the next. I never tire of this coastline, whatever the weather.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


IMG_5552I am lucky to live near such an awesome place. A beautiful natural place of everchanging beauty. A place where I can unwind, recharge, breathe, reconnect, refocus, appreciate and just be.

Enjoy the circle:) Next in line is Shannon from FortyUp-enjoy 🙂


One + Four = Life: Easter Long Weekend

Recently Updated

The Easter Long weekend continues to be one filled with relaxation, time for me, site seeing in my local area and a lovely slow pace.

Morning walks in abundance.


The beach has been quite deserted early, which suits us fine. We are dog sitting our son’s Lab for a few days. He is lovely but so boisterous, superexcitable and a wee bit naughty with a capital N! We’ve been walking further and faster than normal to wear him out!


There has been a wonderful Exhibition called How Does Your Garden Grow? on at our local winery. The artists are a husband and wife team who produce amazing sculptures. I spent a lovely time wandering around and taking a few snaps. The autumn weather was glorious.


I have also been creating-a mess-it seems! I spent a few hours experimenting my new Gelli printing plate. Very therapeutic I must say. I made a batch of postcard size backgrounds ready for my #100dayproject that starts tomorrow. The idea is to commit to doing something everyday for 100 days. I was inspired by Deb at Sew Craft Goodness to give it a go. My project is #100daysofpostcards. I plan to create mini collages that can double as as snail mail and will give me ample opportunity to practice my mixed media skills. I am excited!


Enjoy the rest of the Long Weekend:)

One + Four = Life


Pip comes up with the greatest ideas and this one just resonated with me.

Love the idea of posting what is going on in life in a quick but thoughtful way.

1. Eating Yumminess


There is a relatively new French cafe near where my sister lives and after our poached eggs with smoked salmon we indulged in a shared dessert of random deliciousness. The creme brulee was to die for and I’m sure I could easily eat it everyday!

2. My New SuitcaseIMG_5184

I justified this purchase quite easily-my other case has a broken wheel, this one is sturdier, it has special locky things, it goes sideways, it has four wheels, it was on special, it is purple, it called out to me in the shop as it was the last one and needed a good home and a fabulous adventure! Getting ready for my trip to Japan is so exciting:)

3. School Work

IMG_0003 Plenty of it!

4. My Walk(s)IMG_5242 I love where I live and I love to walk-sometimes full speed ahead, sometimes at a meandering pace.  I am forever gobsmacked at the beauty of nature-the ever changing sky, sea and sand.

I love the idea of snapping my life in four frames each week. I wonder what next week will bring?



Sweet Peachy Treat

I’m sure like many of us here in Australia the stone fruit season is upon us and many households are inundated with them. They all ripen at once and people are giving them away with fervour. Last week my neighbour brought over a bag full of nectarines, which I stewed. The next day a friend gave me a tray of nearly ripened peaches. The peaches in particular are delicious and my favourites. I’ve been having peaches with yoghurt for breakfast and adding peaches to my smoothies with abandon.

I decided to have a go at freezing some. After putting a cross on their fuzzy bottoms and plunging them first into boiling water for a bit then into iced water for a bit, the process of peeling started. This was my particular favourite step as by now the kitchen smelt all peachy sweet, the skins came off easily and they felt nice to handle.untitled folder

All lined up, skinless and ready for slicing.


Sliced and into the freezer overnight.


The next day all packaged up ready at an instant when peach season is long gone.


Here is a recipe I tried today..


Mix together 4 cups of sliced peaches, juice of lemon, a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg and 2 tblspns of honey. Put in an oven proof dish.

In a saucepan melt 4 tblspns butter with 3 tblspns honey. Pour into dry mixture which is 2 cups of oats, 1 cup of flaked almonds, pinch cinnamon and nutmeg and 2 tblspns flour. Mix together and place on top of peaches.

Bake at 150C for about 35 minutes.


I think what makes this so tasty is the way the crunch of the flaked almonds and oats compliment the juicy peachy part. Very yum indeed, especially with a few blueberries and a dollop of vanilla ice cream-Golden North of course (delicious and palm oil free)!


The funny thing is, as I was writing this post our son rang and said he’d be over this afternoon with a bucket load of apricots!! Any suggestions?


Taking Stock January

I like Pip’s idea of Taking Stock of where you are right now.

So, January is racing by and this is what I’ve been up to..

Making: A start on my Art Journal inspired by Journal 52, an on line workshop that gives you a prompt a week. My Week 1 Pathways and Week 2 Just Be were fun to do and I’m enjoying experimenting as I go.


IMG_4616 Cooking: Steamed vegetables.

Drinking: Juices-my surgeon recommended orange, carrot and ginger, which is yum and so is kale, spinach, mint and pineapple.

IMG_4603 Reading: Lots! I have joined the Year of Australian Writing group instigated by Pip. There is a Goodreads group where we recommend books and connect. I have read a couple of real gems such as Cloudstreet, Burial Rites, Jasper Jones, Lost and Found and I’m half way through Big Little Lies. I have an audiobook and a reading book on the go at the same time which is fun!


Wanting: To get back to 100% health, strength and fitness.

Looking: At a stack of magazines my sister’s friend gave me.

Playing: Catch up with The Collage Club. Here is my version of The Enchanted Forest theme..

IMG_4736 Deciding: When to go back to school.

Wishing: For rain again. I love rain.

Liking: Having time to recover, slow down and just be.

Enjoying: Peach season-yumbo, scrumbo. They have been delicious-even this mutant one!

IMG_4706 Loving: That I’m walking lots again-not as far or as fast but I’m out there!

IMG_4726 Considering: Getting a Fitbit but still not sure.

Hoping: To meet my new class soon.

Noticing: An emu on our fence!


Feeling: Good about meditating everyday so far in January. I highly recommend the Headspace website and app. Andy Puddicombe is the man behind Headspace.  His  voice is so soothing, calming and grounding.

Sorting: And culling a little bit of “stuff” here and there.

Buying: Not much at the moment as I’m saving for my trip to Japan with my sister-Woo! Hoo!

Snacking: On dark chocolate coated goji berries-hmmmm!

Thinking: That it can’t be nearly the end of January already-yikes!

Noticing: The little things.

IMG_4470 I hope your January has been super:) 



Dusting off the Blog

There is no better day than today to “Get back on the Blogging Horse.” As well as not writing my own blog, I have neglected others’ blogs too but I am choosing to be kind to myself and know that it is ok.

I had a bit of a health scare last term and ended up having surgery for a radical hysterectomy on the final day of school. That was five five weeks ago now and I’m well and truly on the mend. What started out as a call back appointment from my GP, regarding an irregular smear test, steamrolled into (after many appointments, tests, day surgery, CT and MRI scans) finding out I had a cancerous tumour in my uterus. Just a gentle reminder, dear reader, “When did you last have a smear test? Please do.” I had no symptoms whatsoever. Even though I am still not 100% and my recovery has been challenging at times, I am fine now. All the tests are good and all the nasties have gone. I go back to the surgeon on Wednesday for my six week check. If it wasn’t for me keeping my smear test appointment, I shudder to think how things would have turned out. IMG_4342

I feel so lucky and grateful and relieved and was so happy to say goodbye to this hospital bed.

IMG_4346My surgeon was amazing. He is a Professor of Obstetrics and a Director of Gynaecological Oncology. I can only imagine how busy and stressful his job must be. I know that the day of my surgery he started work at 7:00am and I was the second to last patient for the day and I didn’t get out of recovery until 8:30pm!  I know he performs countless operations, consults, writes papers, does research and works in the public and private systems. I know that he is married with three young children.

Each day he visited me he was dressed differently. He was always efficient, approachable, positive and maintained his sense of humour. Sometimes he wore scrubs, sometimes a very smart suit, sometimes jeans and a top and one particular Sunday he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. On this day our conversation went something like this….

Me: Good morning Dr Oehler, I wasn’t expecting to see you on a Sunday. Have you had a good morning?

Him: Yes thanks, I’ve been playing with the kids.

Me: Great. It must be good for them to have their dad all to themselves for a bit. Have you got a relaxing day planned after you’ve checked all your patients?

Him: No, actually I haven’t. It is going to be a stressful day for me and I’m not really sure how I’m going to cope with the rest of it.

Me: (taking a breath and thinking, “what on earth can be more stressful than your job?”) Oh, really. I hope everything will be ok. What do you have to do?

Him: Go Christmas shopping with my wife!

I nearly burst my stitches laughing! Just goes to show, how different we all are.

My nurses were angels and I was so well looked after.

My health scare and recovery have helped make my word for the year easy to choose.



This word encompasses such a lot to me and can be linked to all areas of my life, my family’s life and others’ too. I am excited about my word and have already started my NOURISH journey. This 100 ways to feed your mind, body, soul and spirit really resonated with me.


It feels good to be back in blogland.

Just a gentle reminder, dear reader, “When did you last have a smear test? Please do.”


Taking Stock

I am having a breather after the hecticness (is that even a word?) of October. It sped by in a whirr of busyness. I am hoping November will be a quieter time where I can be a “humanbeing” rather than a “humandoing!” Nevertheless, October had many highlights.

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Making: a scarecrow with my students for our plant stall for our Centenary Fair. He did turn out rather scary. The children voted on his name and I would like to introduce you to Jimmy..


The students decided that his full name is Jimmy Jones and they informed me that he is now one of my sons! Yikes!

Cooking: nothing exciting

Drinking: copious amounts of tea

Reading: The Blender Girl’s  book. A very inspiring read and beautifully presented.

Wanting: to start writing my snail mail to send. I have joined lovely Deb’s snail mail project.

Playing: along again with Fatmumslim’s photo a day


I really enjoyed October..which was A-Z and 1-5


My favourites were..

F is for…feather


J is for…jetty


P is for…purple pig


S is for…sand, sea, sailboat, sky


Four..funny kipfler potatoes


Wanting: to do a big blog read catch up on all my favourites

Wishing: for rain

Enjoying: Our love in the mist. I pressed some today.


Waiting: for more wool that I ordered so I can continue with this border..


Liking: our Centenary Celebrations. Each class did research on a decade and we had a huge display in our hall. It was wonderful.

Nov Blog Post

Wondering: what our school was like 100 years ago. We had over 500 old scholars visit last Friday and it was so heartwarming to see my Year Threes conversing with many of them. My students were so interested in their stories, as was I. I had a beautiful chat with a woman who was 99! She attended our school when she was a little girl and was so inspiring and happy to be visiting. How amazing it is to wonder at her life and how things have changed so rapidly in 100 years. It is hard for my eight and nine year olds to imagine a world without TV, mobile devices and computers. We even had the Mayor come to our assembly!


Loving; the sanctuary of our home

Smelling: the roses from our garden


Watching; The Fall, Little Paris Kitchen:Cooking with Rachel Khoo and The Gourmet Farmer.

Marvelling: at how well our plant stall went at our Centenary Fair. It was a real community affair, with each class responsible for creating  a stall of their own.



Knowing: I had better get a move on to make my softie for Mirabel

Admiring: my generous, beautiful bloggy friends: Rachel, Zoe and Karen,  who I met in real life. What a wonderful time we had chatting, connecting, eating, drinking and sharing our lives. Thank you gorgeous ones-such a lovely get-together.

10408596_10152872239335815_6936575491548162230_n Needing: to create my collage for the Enchanted Forest challenge

Giggling: at our Hairy Heads that the students made for the plant stall.



Snacking: on goji berries dipped in melted dark chocolate and sprinkled with baked coconut chunks-yummo!


Downloading: Geninne’s Art Blog  desktop calendar.


Feeling: happy that I’ve done a blog post and am looking forward to a creative and productive November-I hope you are too 🙂

Collage Club-Seasons

I am a bit late for my September collage contribution which was “Seasons”.

It never ceases to amaze me that the day before school goes back, after a two week wonderful break, I find all sorts of things to do instead of wiping the dust off my neglected school basket and getting organised for the new school term. Today’s procrastination involved cooking, gardening, walking, a leisurely lunch whilst reading the paper and even a bit of cleaning! And I also found time to finish my September collage.


To start with I selected background colours associated with the particular season and cut them into rectangles. Then while listening to my audio book I settled into the process of going through magazines and selecting images that caught my eye. I love this part and find it relaxing and inspiring at the same time.


Summer-at our house is a time for balmy nights and hot days, holidays, the beach and clear bright mornings. Lots of time spent keeping cool, watering the garden, avoiding the hottest times of the day and wishing for rain! Early morning beach swims are the best!


Autumn-at our house is a time to welcome the cooler days and the beautiful colours of nature. Time to plant bulbs and give the air conditioning a rest!


Winter-at our house is a time to snuggle up and crochet, sort wool and stoke up the fire. Time to rug up and enjoy winter walks on the beach and celebrate that the hills are no longer brown. Hopefully, lots of times to use my umbrella and celebrate the joy of rain!


Spring-at our house is a time for blossoms, flowers and playing in the garden. Birds and bees are busy. Daylight saving seems to promise extra time to fit more things into each day. I love picking bunches of flowers that I’ve grown from seed or bulb.

Most days autumn is my favourite season but each one has something special to look forward to. Do you have a favourite season?

The next collage challenge is…


Oooo! Lovely! Thanks Karen.


Thanks Shani.